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The official DESMAGER Spotify release of Hurt. Stream the full track and other releases here or show support on iTunes or Spotify. New tracks on the way. Make sure you share with friends! ❤
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Composer, DJ & Music Producer. Born in egypt and moved in different citys, Spent most of his early life absorbing the different sounds and styles of all the musicians the world has to offer. his real name is “Hazem Emad” , Known as “DESMAGER”. manage to use his past to fuel his present and turn his Problems for electronic music into a Music Producer.

In Jan 2018, DESMAGER launched his own DESMAGER MUSIC Records label, named after multiracial background, with the release ‘Crossed’ EP, featuring “Warrior Evo” As first major release as independent artists, the track and EP both garnered +200K total plays on all digital platforms.

Recently, DESMAGER has expanded his sound to a wider range of styles—trap, future bass, big room and progressive house.